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Due to Corona Virus it can happen that the Postal Services take a bit longer to deliver your order. 
As SassyMania we can't do anything about this third-party delay.
We appriciate you undertanding this. 
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We want to offer you a secure and easy way to place your purchases. Therefore we use payment systems that are safe, easy and familiar. We offer our customers a wide range of payment methods. The following payment methods are currently supported by us and are partly provided by an external company that specializes in online payments. Your payments will always be cared for in a safe  and secure environment.

Bank Transfer

With this method you transfer the money through wire transfer from your bank account directly to our bank account.

Our Banking information:

ING Bank N.V.

Account number: 4340660

In the name of:  Trendy Chicks 

Refer to your order number (you get these by mail)

Bank transfer from outside the Netherlands

Use this method when you want to wire money from your bank to ours

Account number: 4340660 (ING Bank N.V.)

IBAN: NL60INGB0004340660


In the name of: SassyMania International Fashion Company

Refer to your order number (you get these by mail)

Benefits of bank Transfer

You control the oversight of the payment.

Disadvantages of a bank

The transfer takes (depending on your bank) 2 to 3 business days so the delivery time is longer (3-5 days)

PayPal & Credit Card Payments

PayPal is a safe and easy way to pay via the Internet, without paying fees, and linked to a bank account. Once you set up an Paypal account (it's free), you can use PayPal to pay money online, Credit Card payments such as MasterCard and Visa are also supported by PayPal.

Benefits of PayPal

You control the oversight of the payment.

The payment is anonymous.

Upon approval, your order will be processed. PayPal payments are immediately visible for us, therefore we can process your order faster.

What is Mister Cash?

With Mister Cash, Belgian account holders are able to do online purchases using their debit card. The safety and reliability is absolutely guaranteed.

Belgian customers banking with the banks, Dexia, Fortis, ING, FINTRO, KBC, CBC, AXA bank and VDK Savings Bank  are all supported by Mister Cash.

How Bancontact / Mister Cash works?

You place an order with us. At the checkout of your order you can specify that you want to pay with Bancontact Mister Cash. After checking your details and the products ordered, you get into the Sisow payment screen. Here you select your Bancontact Mister Cash. You fill in the details of your Card. You will then be redirected to your own bank where the payment order is ready for you. You will be asked a number of your bank details to fill in and you authorize the payment. The amount will be directly debited from your checking account and we are informed that the order is paid. More info in your bank.

Advantages of Bancontact Mister Cash

Bancontact Mister Cash offers a numerous  advantages:

Bancontact Mister Cash is trusted, secure and just as easy as internet banking.

You control the oversight of the payment.

Your order can be processed directly because we do not have to wait for your payment to show-up in our bank account. 

Bancontact Mister Cash is only possible with a Belgian bank account and Mister Cash card.