BITCH event fashion and kinky crazy land, wasteland party outfits you simply find here in our shop sassymania.nl.

Allowed are: latex, rubber, leather paint / PVC and metal outfits.

BITCH clothes and kinky crazyland, wasteland party outfits can easily be found here in our sassymania.nl webshop

Allowed on BITCH feets are: latex, rubber-leather-pvc and metal outfits.

Want to buy Kinky fetish clothing for Bitch?
You want to go to a BITCH party, that's great but where do you find your favourite Bitch clothes?
Often you don't find it when you are walking through the shopping street of your city. A specialised webshop with knowledge and experience of not only the products but also what you may or may not wear during a BITCH party is the solution. SassyMania.nl is an official BITCH supplier and our clothing is BITCH approved. 
There are many more advantages, how about the fact that you can try on your BITCH outfit at home anonymously and at your leisure and don't forget our motto: "Beauty does not have to be expensive".  
It is always better to place your order in time, but what to do if you are a bit late with ordering? 
Well don't worry, if you order on workdays before 16:00 hours we will ship your order the same day and all that of course discreetly. 

Want to buy BITCH clothes for your partner? 

To BITCH party you usually do not go alone but often with a partner and of course you want to appear in the same theme at the party, a little Matching is allowed of course. 
At SassyMania.nl we have taken this into account, we also have a special range of BITCH proof outfits for your partner to choose from. 

View our wide range of BITCH proof Clothing for your partner here. 
Sassymania.com has an extensive collection of BITCH approved clothing
For kinky and fetish clothing such as kinky patent and kinky pu-leather, Sassymania.nl is the right place.
Easy, safe and discreet online ordering of your kinky party clothes. Also suitable for kinky parties like BITCH, wasteland, crazyland and many more.