Libido Femme Fatale skirt

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Libido Femme Fatale skirt




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Libido Femme Fatale skirt

This breathtaking skirt is the star of Noir Handmade's Libido collection. It is a piece that not only offers a perfect fit for everyone, but also transforms any woman into an irresistible femme fatale. 
The skirt is made entirely of high-quality stretch lace, which means that comfort is always guaranteed no matter your movements. The back of the skirt features a sexy lace-up closure that draws attention and adds a touch of playfulness to the ensemble.
*Made of sophisticated lace: The skirt is made of high-quality lace that not only feels sensual, but also looks stunning.
*Attractive lacing: The sexy lacing at the back adds an extra dimension to this already stunning skirt. It allows you to adjust the fit and creates an unforgettable impression.
Ideal to combine with lots of tops, including the F303 crop top
Made in EU!

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Libido Femme Fatale skirt

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